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Philippine Virtual Assistance: We don't only provide Online Assistants but we als...

Philippine Virtual Assistance: We don't only provide Online Assistants but we als...: "It has been a trend now-a-days for business owners, employers and industries to hire an off-shore assistant. We call them Virtual Assistant,..."

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How to choose the right laptop that fits your lifestyle?

Here are some Toshiba laptops that are proven to fit the lifestyle of every individual.

Portege is razor thin laptop is best for the people who are always on the go. You can carry it anywhere even in crowded place without being stuck. Its portability comes with its compatibility of any software. This
includes laptops which can be easily converted into versatile Tablet PC. It's just perfect for virtual assistants like me.

Tecra is for the businessman who needs immediate results. Tecra does not allow you to hang in the middle of the meeting. So your client will always leave you with a good impression. Tecra Toshiba laptops come with high speed and connectivity, featuring chassis designed and tested to help safeguard the machine and the data saved in it. This model is like a free butterfly in the garden. It is tailored to suit the toughest times of
business. It is the best a businessman can have.

Qosmio: Get into the next level of gaming and multimedia with this laptop in your lap. With unmatched gaming action, unbelievable sounds and an array of latest technology, this laptop is a paradise for the gamers. High definition screen sizes, booming stereo speakers and a
wide screen to enjoy the 3D effects of the games, it's the perfect match for games.

Satellite Pro is all about the basics. The work will be done in your office or at work. It is very simple but stylish. It got all that you require for your work. This is the best laptop you can have as a professional


Do you know that if there is a big money in call centers, there are also risks that come together with it.

You see them laughing while taking their breaks and Call Center agents seem to be having a grand time in between shifts. While it looks like an easy job, being a call center agent does present a set of challenges that need to be overcome in order for one to thrive as an employee and become successful in this career.

 One daily work "hazard" call center agents face are demanding and irate clients. The screaming, the cussing, and the occasional slamming of the phone at the other end of the line are enough to wear one down, but there is also the need to stay calm and be able to manage an angry customer - and still resolve their complaint! Some agents take to writing, some take to cussing back (as soon as they press their phones on MUTE! ), whatever the case, Call Center stress level go up dramatically!

Learning how to cope with the graveyard shift is another difficulty call center agents need to live with. We all know that sleep deprivation and mental sluggishness affect once work productivity. What adds to this challenge is that the general practice of call centers is to carry out shift schedules on an average of 4- 6 weeks. By the time the agents' body clocks have adjusted at a particular time, they are re-assigned to a different work schedule!

Although the challenges seem daunting, those who aspire to become call center agents need not worry. With enough preparation, motivation, industry familiarization, and setting realistic expectations, the job will become manageable.

it is all about how you manage your time. what is the use of money if your health is decaying. do not wait until everything will be too late. you need to visit your doctor, drink your vitamins, do a daily exercise and never forget to pray!

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Health tips:   
Depressants are prescription drugs which can cause great damage to any person, especially if abused. However, if taken under doctors’ orders, these can be useful in the treatment of different illnesses.
Three main groups of Depressants
1.       Sedative hypnotics          - drugs used to treat people who have trouble sleeping
2.        Tranquilizers                     - drugs used to relieve anxiety and tension
3.       Alcohol                                 -slows down brain function and other parts of the nervous system
                Most people today suffer from stress due to everyday concerns and problems. To reduce stress, some people turn to alcohol; others turn to drugs to bring back a feeling of calmness. One such class of drugs is called barbiturates. These drugs serve to depress the central nervous system and are often called sleeping pills.
                Barbiturates are considered as general depressants because of their capability to depress a wide range of body function or inhibit the normal activity of the nerves, skeletal muscles, smooth muscles and heart muscles. These drugs have slang names like:
                (Barbs, goof balls, sleeping pills, candy, sleepers, downers)
Medical uses of barbiturates
1.       Treatment of anxiety and tension
2.       Used in various type of convulsive disorders caused by epilepsy, tetanus or drugs
3.       Sedate and relax patients prior to surgery   
4.       Used by psychiatrists in the diagnosis and treatment of certain mental disorders
5.       Widely used as anesthetics for brief surgical procedures
6.       Used by dentists as anesthesia for tooth extraction
7.       Used in calming down people under unusual tension or stress
8.       Used in the treatment of certain nervous disorders
Effects of Using Barbiturates
Medically Prescribed Doses
                Mildly depress the action of the nerves, skeletal muscles, heart, and breathing and lower blood pressure
Higher Doses
1.       Effects resemble alcohol drunkenness
2.       Confusion; slow and staggering speech
3.       Impaired thinking concentration
4.       Weakened emotional control
5.       Irritability, anger and violent tendencies
6.       Sleepiness



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Filipinos are the BEST choice for OUtsourcing!


According to Frederick Taylor, “partnership between a trained and qualified management and a cooperative and innovative workforce leads to BEST results.” There is always a need to reconcile labor and capital. And that's where FILIPINO TALENTS come in. Why do we consider PHILIPPINES as the BEST choice for OUTSOURCING? I have (3) three concrete answers to that question. First, VALUES. Second, LANGUAGE. And Lastly, EDUCATION.

In 1521, Ferdinand Magellan, a Portuguese explorer, arrived in the Philippines and claimed the islands for Spain. Since then Roman Catholic missionaries converted most of the lowland inhabitants to Christianity. They founded schools, universities, and hospitals. While a Spanish decree introduced free public schooling in 1863, efforts in mass public education mainly became a privilege for everyone during the American period. Then on, Filipinos learn English as a Secondary language.

Based on the National Statistics Office reports of 2003 show that Philippines has a simple literacy rate of 93.4% and a functional literacy rate of 84.1%. According to the Department of Education, or DepEd, there were 42,152 elementary schools and 8,455 high schools registered for the school year 2006–2007. While the Commission on Higher Education (CHED) lists 2,060 higher education institutions, 537 of which are public and 1,523 private. There are a number of foreign schools with study programs. Republic Act No. 9155 gives the framework of basic education in the Philippines and provides for compulsory elementary education and free high school education. --- All these are stated facts that Filipinos are highly qualified to take responsibility in the OUTSOURCING business as Filipinos are guided by the MOTTO: Maka-Diyos, Maka-Tao, Makakalikasan, at Makabansa, which stands for "For God, People, Nature, and Country." 


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My Level of Development”
Zelah Marie Dasmariñas-Gorres

We begin to determine what is RIGHT from WRONG when we were kids. When I was a kid, I regard my parents as an authority figure. Every time I am beaten or scolded by my parents I always make it a point that I wont do it again. The stingy feeling of the stick on my butt hurts. And every time I see my mom bragging my grades to her friends, I also feel happy. Thus, I study hard to earn the stars again and again. As a child, we determine an action as right when we are praised or rewarded. While we identified actions as wrong when we are punished or reprimanded. And this level of development is called Pre-conventional level.

As we grow, we move up to another level, learning our curves thru experiences. As an adolescence, I do whatever my peer does,too. In most decision I make, I put into consideration what my friends may say. It shows group loyalties under the Conventional level of development. But sometimes adults act the same way too, I believe.

As an adult, I am expected to know what is ethically right and wrong. I do what is taught as a Christian. But if religion is not the only basis of ethics then I'm not sure if I am doing it right. The Post-conventional level of development focuses on right as a morally accepted act. It is derived from the Principles of a universal point of view to a reasonable person. (That's a lot!)

Based on the class discussion and knowing how these levels of Development are defined, I'm not so sure which level my development falls. I would say, I am in the early stage of the Post-conventional level. Most of my decision in life are based on morally accepted norms though person as I am I know a very few of my decisions are influenced by my parents, friends or by how people may react to my decision. But definitely taking the moral side of the issue. I have a close family friend 3 weeks pregnant and was very puzzled on what she has to do. I knew she planned to have the baby aborted. She was very afraid of her parents and was also afraid to be put to shame. But as a friends, I went to her without even asked for my opinion and told her that “ A problem is never solved by another problem. A crime is never a solution to a problem even how grave it could be. Life is always blessing. Thus whatever your plan is take into consideration that that person you're bearing now has his own rights to life and has to be respected.” I believe my advice to her was an advice that will be given by any concerned individual who values life. I considered my church decision on abortion and I took into consideration the moral aspect of the issue. Thus, I showed a Post-conventional level of development.

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A CHALLENGE FILIPONOS has OVERCOME: Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Last Tuesday, July 13, 2010, Philppines was tormented by the news ALMOST 30 DAYS IN THE HANDS OF THE SHOELESS FOES IN MINDANAO.

But just last Friday after 30days, the Family and the Mindanao Local Government was able to negotiate without MONEY for the freedom of the young man.

Once again, we have proved to the world that things can be settled in a constructive way not just thru war.

CONGRATS! We did it!

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gmanewstv PINOY NEWS: Pinay engineer among dead in Iraq hotel fire


ABSCBNNews [News] Oil leaks from Petron pipeline in Cavite

"Why is there massive poverty in the Philippines?"

 "Why is there massive poverty in the Philippines?"

Millennium Development Goal # 1 is to eradicate extreme poverty and hunger (WorldBank 2002 Indicators). According to UNICEF 2008, 24,000 children die each day due to poverty. Philippine National Development Plan of 2006, states that poverty line is for those people who can not afford a thirty-six pesos daily consumption (GMA7 Taruk's Journal 2009). And according to the Merriam Webster dictionary, poverty is the state of one who lacks a usual or socially acceptable amount of money or material possessions. What then really is POVERTY? What are its measures? And WHY is there MASSIVE POVERTY in the PHILIPPINES?

We will only understand the cause of poverty if we know the real concept / consensus of what poverty is. It may differ from one perspective to another, depending on how we look at it as individual. Base on the facts stated, let's lay down our focus on poverty in the aspect of living or individual's status in the community. Poverty is the incapability of a person to sustain its basic needs. For me there are several causes of poverty: 1. Environmental causes. Due to the geographical positioning,Philippines is in the Ring of Fire, thus we are frequently hit by the environments natural phenomenon like storms, earthquakes etc... Way back 1990's, Ormoc City bay was hit by two tornadoes which killed thousand's of lives and millions of properties destroyed. Early 2010, Northern Philippines was hit by storm Ondoy. Currently, storm Basyang killed the livelihood of the people in Luzon. Fishes were killed due to the sudden change of weather. Fishermen were killed while on the sea. And Petron's oil spill was also caused by storm Basyang. One common effect of these phenomenon is the destruction of man's livelihood. 2. Government. After the time of Pres. Marcos up to the present Aquino administration, people has looked up to the government as a solution or a cause of poverty. Government can cause poverty thru mismanagement of government due to lack of sincere interest for the benefit of ALL. War and political instability attributes also to poverty just like what is happening in the Mindanao area. Investors and businesses do not sprout in these areas because of terror. Thus, people in this area depends solely on agriculture. Urbanization is impossible to rise. 3. Social Inequality. The distinction between RICH and POOR. Rich ones may tend to abuse the poor ones like slavery. A poor one who's desperate to have money sells his strength in a much low salary to sustain his daily needs. Social injustices are also created by industry, money world or investors. Example: Employee A is working in a computer manufacturing firm but never has a computer at home. This often allows me to prove the popular saying “ The rich became richer and the poor became poorer.” And lastly 4. Personal causes. We should not put our life to other people's hand. According to the famous poetic lines of Henley “We are the masters of our fate and the captain of our souls.” Thus most of the time, I would say our poverty is caused by our own actions. Our laziness to worker harder and more hours does not allow us to earn higher position in the company or earn more. Our lack of quality consciousness or readiness to face life is a solid ground of failing in life. Example: Two lovers people got married at the age of 18. Tina got pregnant at the age of 18. Tom is only 18,too. Their daughter Mina at an early age of 2 learned to eat by asking alms from passersby. Tina is a housewife because she doesn't know any work. While Tom, drives a pedicab to earn 100 in a day. Their situation shows a great manifestation of physical as well as metaphysical or spiritual incapability to sustain family's needs that causes poverty. Like Tina and Tom, we are the ones who create our own fate. And all these causes are present in the Philippine scenario.

Poverty is not a problem that we can not solve or avoid. Government can provide livelihood programs. Private entities, NGO's and parties provide alternative solutions aim towards development. And our capabilities and sense of responsibility can lead our lives to improvement. So even if there are so many job vacancies but we did not apply, we still will not earn. But with constant cooperation with everyone in the community, we can slowly resolve the problem on poverty. This scenario is what I see in the current Philippine situation on poverty. We shouldn't just manage to smile. We should work our fate out to achieve our goal.

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acc to Hughes: Steinbrenner was "unbelievable guy"

The Boss' legacy bigger than The Babe's


George Steinbrenner picked up the phone, and it was good to hear the sound of his voice. Not many people have ever made that claim -- happy to hear from Steinbrenner, that is -- but this would be the last roar from the loudest lion.
The last night The Boss was really The Boss.
He was in declining health in the fall of 2007, and his team was in a declining state in the American League Division Series. Steinbrenner hated losing to his hometown team, the Cleveland Indians, so a call was placed to his suite at the Regency to see if the owner of the New York Yankees could summon one final blast from his past.
"His job is on the line," Steinbrenner said of Joe Torre. "I think we're paying him a lot of money. He's the highest-paid manager in baseball, so I don't think we'd take him back if we don't win this series."
[+] EnlargeSteinbrenner
AP Photo/Chris O'MearaGeorge Steinbrenner won seven World Series titles with the Yankees.
Steinbrenner ripped the umpires that night for allowing a biblical plague of Game 2 bugs to descend on Joba and Jeter and the rest, and he all but pledged to re-sign Alex Rodriguez. But more than anything, amid a wave of reports that he no longer had the capacity to run the world's most famous team, Steinbrenner wanted to make something perfectly clear:
"I have full control," he said.
Born on the Fourth of July, dead nine days after his 80th birthday, George Steinbrenner controlled his team like no owner in the history of American sports. He was the shipbuilder who became bigger than the ship. He was the Yankee who became bigger than the Mick and the Clipper and the Babe.
That's his legacy: A rich kid from Cleveland -- desperate to win the approval of a cold and distant father, desperate to be a titan in the most iconic city -- ended up larger in life than the sluggers who defined Yankees mythology.
Steinbrenner didn't need "Seinfeld" to become America's boss. He was already famous for demanding perfection in others despite his own outlandish imperfections, for berating and terminating employees faster than he could apologize and hire them back.
He was a living, breathing dichotomy -- an owner who could bask in Bucky Dent's indelible home run in Fenway Park in 1978, and then be sure to fire Dent at Fenway a dozen years later. Steinbrenner could gracelessly nudge Don Mattingly toward retirement, but console him at his Kingdome locker after Mattingly lost the one and only playoff series of his career.
In 1996, Steinbrenner could celebrate his first championship in 18 years, and then obliterate a staff member minutes before the Canyon of Heroes parade for allowing the players' wives to ride on the players' floats.
Steinbrenner won seven World Series titles and established himself as the founding father of free agency. He spent billions in pursuit of athletic glory, and got himself suspended for giving money to a United States President (illegal campaign contributions to Richard Nixon) and to a two-bit gambler (digging-up-dirt contributions to Howie Spira).
There's a reason why there was nothing more limited than being The Boss' limited partner.
"George Steinbrenner is the Yankees," his general manager, Brian Cashman, once said. "It's impossible to imagine this team without George Steinbrenner owning it."
The Boss nearly cashed out in talks with Cablevision in 1998, and walked away from the deal when he realized nobody sells the franchise he called the Mona Lisa, certainly not George Steinbrenner.

He loved being the biggest winner in the biggest city. When the Yankees faced the Mets in the 2000 World Series, Steinbrenner put everyone on notice like never before.
"From a company standpoint, the city was ours," Cashman said.
"The Boss told me, 'You'd better win or else.' I felt like if we lost to the Mets, it would've diminished our three championships. It would've been like they didn't count. I was always proud of what we'd done, and I'd never before been scared of losing. But I was scared of losing to the Mets."
Steinbrenner thrived on fear. As a former assistant football coach in the Big Ten, he was on a constant search for tackling dummies and a reason to create a fourth-and-1 cloud of dust.
On June 15, 2005, it first became clear Steinbrenner was approaching his final goal-line stand. At a news conference called to unveil the plans for a new Yankee Stadium, someone asked The Boss if the new park would offer Rodriguez a friendly left-field target.
"A-Rod doesn't need any help," Steinbrenner said, "but I don't think the Yankees did right by Babe Ruth when he was here. They should've been better to him. We'll be better to A-Rod when he gets ready to retire."
Reporters and Yankees officials shot each other the oddest of looks. When the news conference ended, one team official whispered, "He's not what he used to be, is he?"
Slowly, surely, Steinbrenner faded from public view as the vile forces of nature and age conspired against him. He'd chased everyone from Catfish Hunter to Roger Clemens, even pumping iron with Clemens on a visit to the Rocket's home.
All of that free-agent recruiting, all of that bickering with Billy and Reggie, all of that back-and-forth with Yogi -- the sights and sounds make for a fascinating portrait of a complicated life.
George Steinbrenner touched them all before dying Tuesday morning with a singular legacy.
Without ever stepping to the plate, the Boss became bigger than the Babe.
Ian O'Connor is a columnist for You can follow him on Twitter.

KC monterro over-turns justin bieber impregnated his mother

KC monterro over-turns justin bieber impregnated his mother



why does man's life cycle begin at his forties?

why does man's life cycle begin at his forties? i need your comments....


ALMOST 30 DAYS IN THE HANDS OF THE SHOELESS FOES IN MINDANAO. A teen-ager son of a Brother Filipino Muslim was held in captive by a minor shoeless group in Mindanao. Philippine government has been promoting ransom for people to shout out the footprints of criminals. but this issue of a teen-ager hold in captives was never acted upon as expected.

A Political Critique on Public Management: The Evolution of the Discipline

"A Political Critique on Public Management: The Evolution of the Discipline"

“Living in an age when we are drowning in information while starving for uncertainty, much of the work adds to the former while failing the latter.” (Robert Frost)

            As we take each steps in our life, we learn, unlearn so many things from our environment, acquaintances, teachers, neighbors, media, readings, experiences, events and even more, whether we are aware or not. We have been bombarded with so many ideas and knowledge. Few of which remain as stored knowledge. Few of which are applied in our daily lives. And few of which or most of which we can even remember. Bottom line, what are we really looking for in life? Is it about gaining knowledge? Or is it about applying that knowledge? Or even something deeper in essence.

            It applies not just in life but specifically in the world of politics. And what is politics? There has been a misconception on the meaning of politics in the understanding of the common people. Politics as defined in wikipedia, “it is a process by which groups of people make a collective decision.” And definitely that is not the answer of what politics is when you ask the candy vendor on the street or even the engineer roaming around the building that he is supervising. Considering the exact same meaning provided, I can say that everything that happens in this world involves politics. The kind of rice a mother will buy in the market could be at a cheaper price to spare some budget for other concerns. The suggested retail price (SRP) of every basic commodity is not only based on the producers’ concern but as well as the farmers’ income and the government’s assessment. Government’s assessment on every SRP’s is subject to economic condition both domestic and international. Domestic condition includes almost all sectors in the society and so on. Thus, it shows a political cycle. A person has a connection to another person. People as citizens are involve in the society. Society is one consideration of the government. Government is directly or indirectly influenced by sectors. And sectors whether non-governmental, interest or partisan parties on the other hand influence government’s decisions. Words may not be exact as I want to express it but in one way or another it shows the interconnection and interdependence of each and every individual, groups, sectors, parties, and even as a nation, and more as a holistic approach of the world.

            What then is the importance of understanding the dynamic history and developments of Public Management in the aspect of its objects and objectives? Public management evolved after a dynamic struggle between the similarities, differences and commonalities of Public Administration and Political Science. Its evolution was shaped and will continue to be shaped and transformed thru theories and practices.

            The Journal of politics published by Cambridge University Press shows the constant evolution of the divergence and separation of the idea of Public Management from Administration. The Journals showed theories, practice and evaluation of known politicians in history that helped transformed ideas and its application. The said journal  presented the different theories and  different practices from the start when Public Management was still incorporated with Public Administration. Most of the sections in the journal tackles the three objects of Public Management namely: Political Science, The Society(people), and the Government. Attaining the goals or objectives of Public Management are dependent on the working relationship of the three objects of Public Management.
       Political Science is said to be a scientific study of the organization and function of the state where in according to Frank Goodnow in 1904, there are three dimensions being studied: 1. "expression of the will of state", 2. "the context of the will of state", and 3. "the execution of the will of the state." In this scientific study consitution was stressed as a fundamental rule of the land. This "set of laws according to made by the people and agreed upon by the government  enumerates and limits the powers and functions of a political entity (wikipedia)."  This falls under the field of Social Sciences which is inter-related with other social sciences like history, economics, psychology and the like. From time to time, it has greatly adapted the scientific approach in understanding and analyzing the events in the political arena. The society or the people and the government are the main actors in this arena. Society as discussed in the material is defined thru income, race, gender, ethnicity, age, lifestyle and more. They may have commonalities and more so there are differences. Thus, on that ground there is a need for a government. Government "embodies Public Administration." Because each and every individual is unique, the government is "expected to bridge the difference and strengthen commonalities". It is then instrument used to "achieve community purpose for security, equality and prosperity." And these goals or objectives are in the past achieve with the guidance of the theories believed to be scientific and logical in practice.
         The "Twixt and Tween Theory and Practice" considered Political Science as an academic discipline applies the push, pull, propel and twist concept to reality as governance and resolving the issues are the main concern of Public Administration. According to Robert Frost's poem, people are over fed with information but "starving for uncertainty." This theory tackles Political Science as a source of hope. In 1887, Woodrow Wilson considered Political Science as "a search for guidance and truth." Our very own Dr. Jose Rizal went out of his way to earn degree for knowledge. In this light, the study of the discipline can definitely help out and guide those in the governing body on what's the right decision to make and how to handle situation. Thus in both Marshall Dimock (1937) and John Rohr's (1986) work, both agreed that Political Science teaches " how to run a constitution."  This 'Twixt and Tween theory and practice put its focus on the study of "Principles of governance" which in return will result to the converging idea between Political Science and Public Administration. It show the Inter-relation of politics and governance since administration is the core of government and government is the focus of politics. Both may have an entwined commonality but their separation in terms of function is untouchable as prescribed in the essay of Woodrow Wilson titled "The Study of Administration" and seconded by Leonard White (1926).
         History presents to us the inseparability of the study and the practice. The scientific study of politics and governance is the basic framework in the practice done by government. In 1886-1939, Political Science was seen to have similarities with other social sciences like history and economics. While in the late 1800's and early 1900's, with the promotion of Political Science, Associations were formed that brought about the promotion of the study in publications and eventually offering the subject in college campuses and creating departments and degree programs. The study of Political Science is considered to be the best foundation for those students who would like to work in the government. It is also the best action done by institutes and centers to train public officials in the principles of management. The same was advocated by Charles E. Merriam during his Presidential Address to APSA. He believed that the "Science of Politics" bring about the "rising emphasis of development of theories and testable hypothesis."
          The diversity of Public Administration brought about the springing out of Public Management. The conceptualization of Politics used the science and technology of Political Science and the Intellectual heritage of Public Administration to enhance the practices done in our government and in the society as part of the whole.
          History, Economics, Science and Politics as a study drowned man with information. But the question is " Did man used such knowledge correctly and appropriately for his betterment?" We continue to en devour for for more knowledge without using what we currently have, which is equivalent to failing education. Thus man continues to starve for UNCERTAINTY.

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The Filipino Call Center Agent and the Neutralize Accent

The “American accent” has never been so needed these days. If one plans to join the league of call center agents, most aspirants think that one has to sound very American. This goal however, has overshadowed the more important skills to become a successful call center agent.
First of all, there is no such thing as an “American accent” these days; the United States is such a melting pot that English is spoken in different variations depending on which region of the U.S. you live. So as a Filipino learner of American English, we don’t have to exaggerate our vowel and consonant sounds to the point of sounding so artificial! It becomes extremely overacting when you hear call center agents start aspirating their T’s when referring to their hometown in Tagbilaran! What’s more funny is that some agents can sound so deceiving with their fake American accents, but if you listen closely, they can simply talk in circles..thus, the AHT (average handle time) is consistently high!
The need to sound “American” should not cloud the other more important aspects of a call center agent’s skills like rapport, active listening, analytical skills (so you can immediately understand and resolve the customer’s problem), probing skills and the list goes on; sounding “American” is truly just a bonus. Generally, American consumers do not mind a slight “accent” as long as his concern is resolved right away; it can even turn out to be a kudos call!
One must always keep in mind the other more important skills which not only helps the customer but will more than likely make him a satisfied one. No need to sound like an American, simply neutralize the accent. One does not have to pronounce the color RED like someone from the South, its enough to pronounce it with a soft E but definitely not with an ”i” :) We go for neutral.
What makes an effective call center agent is not so much with the accent he uses but his ability to resolve a customer’s concern on the first call, at a short period of time along with a very friendly and helpful demeanor…the American accent becomes the icing on the cake…

Call Centers and their Work Hazards

You see them laughing while taking their breaks and they seem to be having a grand time in between shifts. While it looks like an easy job, being a call center agent does present a set of challenges that need to be overcome in order for one to thrive as an employee and become successful in this career.
 One daily work “hazard”  call center agents face are demanding and irate clients. The screaming, the cussing, and the occasional slamming of the phone at the other end of the line are enough to wear one down, but there’s also the need to stay calm and be able to manage an angry customer – and still resolve their complaint! Some agents take to writing, some take to cussing back (as soon as they press their phones on MUTE! ), whatever the case, their stress level go up dramatically!
Learning how to cope with the graveyard shift is another difficulty call center agents need to live with. We all know that sleep deprivation and mental sluggishness affect one’s work productivity.  What adds to this challenge is that the general practice of call centers is to carry out shift schedules on an average of 4- 6 weeks. By the time the agents’ body clocks have adjusted at a particular time; they are re-assigned to a different work schedule!
Although the challenges seem daunting, those who aspire to become call center agents need not worry. With enough preparation, motivation, industry familiarization, and setting realistic expectations, the job will become manageable.

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DURHAN, TEBUELAN -- a place to rest!

Durhan, Tabuelan is found at the upper north places of Cebu. it has a very beautiful scenery. a beach -harmonious as it can be. virgin like it is to be.... see the pictures and be amazed.....

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LIDE, Isabel Leyte

LLCI is a duely PAASCU Accredited school and is a La Salle supervised school giving excellent service aimed towards excellence in education and molding student a better Christians.

PLAY with strategy and fun!

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Z "THE DREAM" GORRES : a Great Boxer!

Z "The Dream" Gorres is a Great Boxer from Cebu Philippines.
check out CEBU's beautiful haven at